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Death Invasion: Survival

Death Invasion: survival v1.0.26 + Mod - Unique and action game "Deadly Invasion: Survival" Android + Trailer
Normal + mod version (money, coins, DNA and unlimited diamonds) individually
Tested with Offline Run

Death Invasion: Survival - Deadly Invasion: Survival is a super exciting and survival-style action-adventure game for Android released by GunBattle & ZombieShooters Games Inc. Game Studio for free on Google Play tablets and devices. . The story of Death Invasion: Survival takes place in a small town filled with zombies and if you continue to stay there you will be easily infected by zombies. So equip yourself and clear the city of this disease! Being kind here is stupid because zombies have lost their core emotions and the only thing they care about is infecting and killing you. So the only way to get it is to check your cartridges, replace your gun at the right time and never stop firing. There are several survivors at the same time with you, so you will not be the only savior of the city and may need their help to escape the city. So find them to form a team together and work shoulder to shoulder to escape this polluted city. In Death Invasion: Survival you will need food, lethal weapons, fuel, and generators to survive in abandoned hazardous locations. You must provide support to your teammates to allow your friends enough time to unlock Otherwise you will face a huge flood of zombies that will end your life in a matter of seconds. Equip yourself with what you find and improve your fighting power to get a chance against the zombies. The helmet may lessen the damage to you by accident, or the backpack allows you to collect more items for your journey through this zombie-filled city. Fighting and surviving or losing endurance and drowning in a sea of ​​zombies depends on your choice. If you're a fan of Action and Survive games, download Death Invasion right now from powerful servers!

Some exciting Death Invasion: Survival action game Android:

    Unique third-party mode in the game
    Best quality HD graphics
    Having real dialogue and story
    Having great scenes of shooting and killing
    Free movement throughout the game map
    Various items and items such as grenades and mines
    Ability to implement strategy and teamwork

Death Invasion: Survival - Deadly Attack: Survival has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by Android users from Google Play, earning a high score of 4.7 out of 5.0, which you can find here in Farsight after viewing pictures and video gameplay on Google Play. Feel free to download the regular version and the Mood version separately from our fast servers.

Important: To run Mood Version you must disconnect your device when connecting.

Changes in version v1.0.26:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes


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