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Traffic Rider 1.61 - Motorbike Overtaking Riding Game For Android

Traffic Rider 1.61 - Motorbike Overtaking Riding Game

Traffic Rider v1.61 + Mod - Exciting and exciting game of "Traffic Engine" for Android + Trailer
Normal version + Mood version with the features listed separately
Tested with completely offline execution
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Traffic Rider - Moto Ride In Traffic Racer Soner Kara is the creator of the popular game Traffic Racer for Android, just minutes before we saw the release of the Android version on Google Play, and again, as always, for the first time in Iran Introduce your presence to motorcycle-friendly users and exciting games! If you are a fan of car racing you will no doubt know Traffic Racer; a compact and unique design game that has attracted the attention of all users around the world! Traffic Rider doesn't really need to be praised, and the game's imagery comes with an incredibly well-crafted and detailed game! SK Games teamed up with the graphic design of the game and created such a dynamic world that we had never seen a mobile game before! More than twenty carefully designed motorcycles from different classes that you can take control of from the first person angle on the endless roads of the game! Smooth animations and 100-degree Traffic Rider first-person angles, of course, convey a sense of speed. The weather is also dynamic, and the SK Games team play the day and night cycle so you can feel real close to the motors when driving!
Some of the features of the Android Traffic Rider motorcycle game:

    First-person camera angle to induce excitement
    20 different types of engine to choose from
    Diverse environments with day and night cycles
    Different modes like Pro with +40 missions
    Supports leaderboard with +30 different achievements
    Unique design with great sound
    Supports 17 live languages ​​around the world

Traffic Rider is a mission game and in each you have to pursue a specific goal. For example, earn points, hit a single wheel, or get to the speed that the game has set for you! Although the missions aren't that deep, and the road game is a maze-free, long-haul road, Traffic Rider can be your first choice for entertainment for a long time due to its excellent graphics. Released on iOS and Android for the first time on this platform, you will see the first Android version on Farsi; the Traffic Rider game has over 100 million downloads so far, and you can earn points Win like 4.7 out of 5.0!

Changes in v1.61:

* Added new motorcycle
* 25% reduction in overall game volume + various optimizations

Download 👇
: Traffic Rider Apk v1.61(79.9 MB)

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Traffic Rider

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