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Boris and the Dark Survival 1.0 For Android

Boris and the Dark Survival 1.0 - Boris And Survival In The Dark Adventure Android + Mode

Boris and the Dark Survival v1.0 + Mod - "Boris and Survival in the Dark" Adventure for Android + Trailer
Tested with Offline Run

Boris and the Dark Survival - Boris and the Survival in the Dark is another Joey Drew Studios studio adventure game in the style of a spin-off of the Bendy and the Ink Machine series and the Bendy. In these two games we got to know the cartoon character of Bendy and now Boris and the Dark Survival character Boris who is a friend of Bendy.
 Play Boris and the Dark Survival You have to help Boris find different items and solve puzzles. As you walk and consume energy, the amount of endurance will also decrease, and you will need to find energy items that can be found in different parts of the game to refill. Everything in this game is designed with a Sepia image filter, where everything is like old photos and yellow, and there is no shortage of color gaming. However, the graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is very dynamic. The game is followed from the top view and you can move around with Boris Virtual GamePad. With this view you can get a good view of the surroundings, but you should be careful of dark spots anyway. This game has been tested in both regular and moded versions of A1ModApk, which you can download for free after watching the trailer video or screenshots. It is interesting to know that Boris and the Dark Survival is not a free game but has been purchased over 10,000 times in less than 10 days on Google Play and has so far achieved a very good 4.7 out of 5.0.

Changes to v1.0:

* Release the first game version on Google Play.

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: Boris and the Dark Survival 1.0 Apk (119 MB)

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:Boris and the Dark Survival

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