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Download Shark World 11.58 - Shark World Android

Shark World

Download Shark World 11.58 - Shark World Android Role Playing Game

Shark World v11.58 + Mod - Shark World Fun and Shock Game for Android
Normal version + Mood version (infinite money) individually
Tested with Offline Run

Shark World - The Shark World is a beautiful, role-playing game created by Bangladesh's Tap Pocket Studio. This is the fourth official game of the studio and its first relatively different game compared to other games released by Tap Pocket. Shark World is modeled on popular games like Hungry Shark Evolution or Hungry Shark World. Of course, this modeling is just like the name and appearance of the game, and Shark World has some interesting and exclusive content. In this game you travel deep into the seas and oceans and get to know the mysterious and violent underwater world. You have to collect different breeds of sharks and raise them to become bloodthirsty monsters and prepare them to face their enemies, which are other sharks and aquatic monsters! Your task is to surf and find these sharks and feed and raise them. In this game you can find all kinds of known shark breeds that exist or exist in the real world. Even the creators have designed the feature so you can combine different shark breeds, a unique breed and a new creature! This beautiful game shows you another view of the deep-sea world. A world in which fear and terror and violence are the first words and the dominant sharks!

Some of the features of the Shark World Android game:

    Traveling deep into the seas and oceans
    Interesting and beautiful design of water and sea creatures
    There are lots of different shark breeds like hammerhead, angel shark, megaldon, white shark etc.
    Ability to find and breed sharks and build a team of them
    Compete with other dangerous sea creatures in the Fight Arena section
    Ability to upgrade and evolve sharks in several stages and transform them into real monsters
    Includes aquarium section and customizable environment
    An interesting breed mechanism design and the ability to build new breeds

Shark World is one of those games that we have seen less of. You have a lot to do in this game. From finding sharks to breeding, feeding and raising them and then upgrading and transforming them into fighting monsters! You have entered the underwater world and you must grow your sharks in this dangerous world so that they can resist and destroy enemies. The beautiful game Shark World is a very interesting offer for fans of new style and action role-playing and action games that has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play to date. The game of Shark World has received a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating by many users. You can also join these users by downloading a regular or customized version of this game from A1ModApk servers.

Changes to v11.58:

* New design and game bug fixes

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: Shark World v11.58 Apk Original (86 MB+)

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: Shark World

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