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Download Grow Castle 1.28.8 - a popular game for defending Android Castle + Mod Apk

Grow Castle v1.28.8 + Mod - a unique and popular Android castle defense game
Ordinary version + mod version with the mentioned features
Offline game runs

Grow Castle is one of the most popular and popular arcade games in Google Play, from RAON GAMES game studio for Android devices, which is offered for free and has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users around the world. And now, at your request, dear users, we intend to introduce it! You only have one goal in this game; Protect the castle from the onslaught of enemies! Build the most powerful building possible by upgrading the area and building forces! The areas where Grow Castle battles take place are made up of several different sections, each with its own forces; For example, the back environment of archers and heroes have taken refuge in castles so that they can attack the enemies! In front of the castle, you can build different military buildings, the same distance between the forces and the buildings has caused you to spend hours with Grow Castle! Unlike all repetitive games, Grow Castle brings you a different experience from arcade games by combining the two styles of castle defense and role-playing! With addictive gameplay, great design with great graphics, exciting sound, good touch controllers and great build, this game will definitely nail you to the phone for hours!

Grow Castle Android Games

Grow Castle game currently has a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 in the Play Store, and we have put the latest and latest version of it in Farsroid with a download mode, which will undoubtedly attract your attention! In Grow Castle, the heroes have different powers and by clicking on them, you can pave the way for victory; The abilities of the heroes are also different so that the players can choose their characters depending on their strategies! To conclude, these days, castle defense games have lost their appeal, and we rarely see games of this style succeed! Grow Castle has been able to inject new blood into the "Castle Defense" arteries. If you're tired of the Castle Defense style stereotypes and want an exciting experience, do Grow Castle! You can view images of the game first and download the game for free if you wish.

    Versions 1.28.8
        Crafting bug fix
        Tauren bug fix.
        Leader bug fix.
        Town cannons bug fix.
        * Please check out the patch notes in the game for more information.

Mod Info:
Unlimited Money

V 1.28.8 : Grow Castle Apk Mod (40 MB+)

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Grow Castle

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