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Plants vs Zombies 2 (Chinese) Mod Apk Unlimited Coin Gem Unlimited Sun No Reload Full Map All Plants Unlocked Max Level


it's time! "Plants vs. Zombies 2-A Wonderful Journey in Time and Space" landed in China, the epic struggle between plants and zombies will be continued in different time and space dimensions! With new plants, new zombies, new gameplay, combined with the most advanced touch screen technology, players can break the traditional tower defense and directly join the zombie resistance war. With the return of Plants vs. Zombies 2 is Crazy Dave, new touch-screen super props, new magical plant energy, and new ways to protect your brain. Come and join Crazy Dave’s crazy adventure through time and space! The predecessor of "Plants vs. Zombies 2" is "Plants vs. Zombies" that has won more than 30 annual best game awards and has hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

[Game Features]

New plants! New zombie!

Powerful new plants such as Caiwen, Fire Dragon Grass, Lightning Reed, etc. will join your lawn guards. These novel zombies will appear one by one as the map advances: mysterious Egyptian pharaoh zombies, pirate harbor pirate zombies, wild west gold rush zombies...In the new world, various zombies with stunts and brilliant intelligence will continue to challenge Your eyesight and intelligence.

New skills protect your brain!

The new concept of plant energy and gesture props will bring time and space challenges into a new era. Use plant energy beans to stimulate the potential of your plants. Use golden fingers to pinch, flick, and paddle zombies to protect the lawn and brain.

Exciting level gameplay!

Old Egyptian land, narrow sea deck, swaying western railroad tracks? Different worlds have different challenges. More about the card Samsung evaluation brings endless challenges and fun!

Fun mini games!

In addition to classic mini games: conveyor belt, indestructible, plant crisis.

There are also brand-new mini-games that you can't put down: Seed Defense, Mummy Memory, Cannon War, and Fence War.

Join the game center achievement leaderboard!

See where you are in the leaderboard.

More novel adventures are waiting for you to challenge!

Friendly reminder: beware of crazy chickens! (I was serious)o

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Apk File: ♂️ PvZ 2 Chinese Mod Apk (385 MB+)

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  1. I don't like this mod apk pvz2 but i play its not play i again to play but not play please you can't play it

  2. Nao estou conseguindo entrar no jogo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!