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Fat 2 Fit! Game for Android

All sizes are wonderful and necessary to win the game!

Choose your diet wisely to ensure you can clear the obstacles and reach the finish line. Sometime a burger is the right choice, but other times, the cucumber is king! Have fun.

Fat 2 Fit! is a casual game where you help various overweight people go on diets. To do so, avoid junk food while collecting as many vegetables as you can, working off all those extra pounds that put too much strain on the body.

Fat 2 Fit! has 3D graphics that make it easy to identify the type of food in front of you. As you play this endless runner-style game, do everything you can to avoid unhealthy food while also avoiding crashing into the obstacles in your way.

Gameplay couldn't be easier. All you have to do is slide your finger left and right to move your character in the same directions. You can also jump when you encounter an obstacle. Keep in mind that as you advance, there will be more and more obstacles to take into account, so you'll have to stay focused if you want to succeed.

Fat 2 Fit! is a simple game where you try to help overweight people get in shape by avoiding unhealthy food and opting for vegetables instead. It's hard to pass up a chance to eat a hamburger, but in this game, that's the only way to get a high score.

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