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Subway Surfers mod apk v3.26.0 Mod Apk(Mod, Unlimited Coins Keys, Unlock Characters, SkateBoards)

Subway Surfers + Mod - the popular game of subway surfers / Subway SurfersAndroid

normal version + mod version (unlimited coins and keys + unlock) in the form of a
new update at the same time as it is published on Google Play

Subway Surfers is a popular, fun and old game from the popular studio Kiloo for Android, which is one of the most downloaded Android arcade game with 1 billion+ downloads!! If you are a fan of mobile games, you no doubt know the addictive and popular game Subway Surfers, the same game. In which Jack and his friends escape from the agents in different countries of the world on the subway line! In the subway surfers game, you play the role of a boy named Jack who is running away from the agent with your friends and you have to help them to escape from the agent! Escaping from the hands of the agents is not as simple as you think; Because on the way you face obstacles that you have to overcome with your speed and continue on your way! Along the way there are coins that you can collect to increase the excitement, drag the game and buy upgrades! In this game, you will have an adventure in the role of Jack in the subways of different cities of the world and you will be entertained for hours! Of course, there are different characters in the game and you will be able to experience playing with them; Choose one of the characters as you like and enter the big and diverse and colorful world of Sabo Surfers! If you are a game loverIf you are a subway surfer, we suggest you don't miss the London version!


Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers Android gameWith his style of running and chasing, he has attracted many fans since 2012, and after nearly 8 years, it is still the novelty of that time for many people, and they cannot get enough of the experience! Your running path in the game is full of different adventures and dangers that you have to pass all of them safely! Take the trains that are moving fast on their tracks to pass the different obstacles that you have to pass over or under them and escape from the hand of the agent who is reaching out behind you to make you sleepy and start setting records. . The endless path of the game assures you that it does not feel repetitive in any way and you will see a new feature in every episode! The important thing that has made this game still have its own fans with its long life is its frequent updates, in every update you will set records in a city from different countries of the world; From cities like Los Angeles to Sao Paulo, Paris, Monaco, Peru, Venice, etc., they will all be hosts for you to travel to in the game!

Some features of Subway Surfers Android game:

  • Having stunning and colorful HD graphics
  • Ability to unlock new game characters
  • Allowing competition with friends online
  • There are different types of achievements in the game for more excitement
  • Performing acrobatics by Jack to increase attractiveness
  • Addictive gameplay with excellent touch-visual controls

The Subway Surfers game now has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Android market , and it is interesting to know that it has been downloaded about 1 billion times by Android users around the world, and we at A1MODAPK provide its latest version for free to you regular users. And we hope you like it; Needless to say, pictures are also available for your viewing. After viewing photos and videos of the gameplay, you can download the latest update along with the mod for free.


Subway Surfers Edinburgh



  • Changes in version

    • - The Subway Surfers World Tour takes a vacation in Barcelona!
    • - Have you seen our new surfer Tutti? Unlock him and have a breeze in Season Hunt with the Fan-tastic Board!
    • - Collect Event Coins and get funky with Phoenix's new Party Business outfit.
    • - Get ready for some action-packed events in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Mumbai, and Venice Beach!
  • About Subway Surfers?
    Subway Surfers is a platform and jumping arcade game from SYBO Games studio (Kilvo) for Android, whose story revolves around a young boy named Jake! He was chased by the subway guard by drawing pictures on the walls of the subway, and unfortunately, he fell under the train and died in this chase! Now, the game maker has created this game to keep his memory alive, which you can experience. Along the way, unlock new characters and clothes by collecting coins and set records along the way.
  • Install original and modded Subway Surfers infinite?
    It is possible to experience the Subway Surfers game with two original versions and [hacked] mod; In the original version, you have to open the clothes and characters with your own efforts, but by installing the modded version of the game, you can open the clothes, characters and items one after the other from the beginning with the infinite money at your disposal. And experience the joy of using them. It is you who should decide to install the original or the modded one!
  • Download the update of the subway surfers game for Android - from where?
    As the most up-to-date Android reference in Iran, A1MODAPK always offers the latest updates of Subway Surfers at the same time as it is released by its manufacturer. Whenever you want to have the latest update of Metro surfers installed, just go to this page and click on the download button in the download box to get the latest version of the program and install it with one touch.
  • Installing Subway Surfers update without losing progress?
    We in A1MODAPK offer games with a fixed signature, which means you don't need to delete the old version with each update, and you will be able to install the new version on top of the old version! To update the game, you can download the new version from here and then install it on the previous version without deleting the old version. With this, no problem will happen to your progress and you will be able to continue the game after installing the new version. [Both original and mod versions come with a fixed signature, and it is possible to install a new version for both original and modded versions on top of the old version.

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