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Pk xd mod menu apk v1.42.3 (MOD, Unlimited coins, Unlock skin, unlock home, Jump)

PK XD: Fun, friends & games + Mod Plus Subscription, Unlocked All – new version of PK XD adventure game for Android

Original version + modded version

PK XD: Fun, friends & games is an adventure game from the game studio PlayKids Inc., which has been released on Get Android for free. In this Android game you can create your character and communicate and play with your friends for free in a safe environment. Decorate your house in any way you like and with many amazing things like fantastic fireplace, balloons, bathroom accessories and more. Explore the world and challenge yourself. Do different activities like dancing to different movements and styles, jumping with high power and other fun with your friends. Complete various challenges to earn coins and customize your home. Use your imagination to combine all the items and choose from different and creative avatars. Earn coins by delivering pizzas to customers or complete various mini-games.

What do you experience in PK XD game?

Join PK XD - explore and play with your friends! To create your own world and join interesting stories. You will discover hundreds of exciting activities in our vast world, many mini-games and hundreds of challenges await you. Players can do many useful activities and experience countless interesting stories, and sometimes, you will see those stories in real life. While participating in the game, you can make friends with many friends around the world and learn their unique stories.

PK XD Android game

Always update new features

Hundreds of interesting events will be held in PK XD. Are you ready to experience small pleasures with us? To help you have a good time, we have brought a light entertainment adventure game and to make it better, we are always updating and providing many new features. Experience many new things in the game with your friends, earn money, adventure and fun. To preserve the moments and cherish your friends, you can have a great vacation with your friends here.

You will have more fun with your pets, friends than what is available. To add to the fun, you may receive gifts and event cards. Be sure to pay attention to the surrounding factors when doing important work. Don't let anything unusual happen and you should check your goods regularly.

Chat with friends

A vast world with thousands of interesting things is all yours, you are one of the lucky ones who own our vast world. By coming to this game, you will experience such interesting things with your friends. Join your friends in a vast and amazing adventure, explore the world around you and be amazed by the wonderful entertainment we have for you.

Not only that, in addition to our main missions and grand challenges. Most of the time, when you come to PK XD, you will experience many interesting things, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself with different activities. Experience floating games with friends, enjoy new foods with them and join epic parties.

Pets accepted

If you are an animal lover, then this is the most special game for you. How great would it be if you could complete challenges with your four-legged friends? They are virtual pets, but not so that they lose their cuteness, and there will be different types of pets in this game. From common animals to rare animals, find and adopt your favorite species. It might be interesting to name them and watch them grow day by day.

Create your avatar

This huge world is yours and you have the right to decide about the current events, characters and many other related things in this game. The big character is yours, with the equipment available in the game, create a character with unique skills and appearance. You can be anything unique, strange and new, everything is yours and you will change everything.

Let's create a unique character from your PK XD through your imagination. If you find a character with all our new gear, a girl who wears monstrous sandals instead of futuristic boots - how about a traditional outfit here. In addition, your character wears trendy clothes, has amazing wings, carries a ninja sword and more.

Attend events

Always bring something unique and interesting. Uniqueness is the attraction of many gamers who know our game and join it. It is not boring like other adventure games, not just explore the game spaces or do many challenges. Players can also participate in new events organized by us and enjoy those rare moments to create something special. Would you dress up as a monster for Halloween instead of a beautiful princess? Will you prepare big surprises to join the warm Easter or Christmas celebration? It all depends on your decision.

Challenge your friends with mini games

Join your friends in our fun challenges and create interesting and beautiful moments with them. Do you want to be the hero and beat everything in our mini challenges? Join the Crazy Run mini-game and destroy everything. More interestingly, to earn money, you can become the champion in the pet parade or in the pizza delivery job. You yourself can do everything and win everything, join PK XD for fun moments.

Key Features

Build games with us We want to hear your ideas so we can provide the best experiences.

Try a Crazy Run mini-game with friends, break a record in the Pet Parade, or deliver pizzas for cash. Enter the Arcade game and win!

Decorate your dream home as you wish. Just use your creativity! Check out the Cloud Sofa, Dance Mat, Soft Mat, Gamer Chair, Kitchen, Bathroom and more!

We regularly organize unique events for you! Celebrate Halloween, Easter, and Christmas with spectacular decorations, challenges, and themed products!

it's all up to you! You can be whoever you want, just use your creativity.

A virtual pet completes the experience! Find cute animals from common to unusual to help you through the game. Take care of them and watch them grow!

It's all yours! You may have fun with your community as well as explore and push yourself!

Some features of the PK XD: Fun, friends & games Android game:

- Explore the world and challenge it

- Do different activities with your friends

- Connect with your friends

- Earn coins

- Customize your icon and home

- Decorate your home with many amazing items

- Choose your favorites and create an identity for yourself

- Choose your favorites and create your own identity

Changes in the new version of PK XD: Fun, friends & games


Spooky and powerful! This armor is perfect for Halloween!


It's a bird! It's a plane! How can a ship fly in the sky like that!?


What a cute bat! Just make sure it doesn't bite your neck!


Zombify your looks this Halloween!


So pretty! Kuromi's new house has arrived on PK XD! I wonder what it's like on the inside...


Fast and scary! A new way to accelerate has arrived on PK XD!


Password: FENAMENAL1

Mod Menu Apk File:  Pk xd (398 MB+)

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